About the Company

Acuva technologies is commercializing proprietary UV-LED based water purification systems for recreational, household and industrial markets. We are leading the transition from traditional mercury UV lamps to next generation UV-LED (ultraviolet light emitting diodes) for water treatment applications.

Our leading-edge UV-LED systems will provide maximum efficiency in eliminating harmful water-borne microorganisms while requiring only minimal power, footprint and maintenance. Acuva’s modular and scalable UV-LED technology can be deployed in variety of applications in order to meet the needs of a large number of markets for clean drinking water.

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Our Mission
We leverage our passion, innovation and excellence to design and manufacture the world’s most advanced and accessible UV-LED disinfection systems.

Acuva Technologies Inc. is a global leader in UVC-LED water disinfection technology. We design, develop and manufacture advanced UV-LED systems for water disinfection applications around the world. Our mission is to enable access to safe, clean drinking water and a higher quality of life.

We specialize in point-of-use water disinfection systems as well as modular OEM applications.

Founded in 2014 with the mission to address current challenges and barriers to safe drinking water. Currently, all Acuva systems are tested and deployed in almost all continents around the world.

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Our Team

Manoj Singh
President & CEO

Manoj has 17+ years of leadership experience in commercializing clean technologies in North America and South Asia.

Fariborz Taghipour

Fariborz is a professor in chemical & biological engineering department at the university of British Columbia. He has 15+ years of experience in industry & academia in the development of uv reactors.

Parveen Rai
Business Operations Manager

Parveen is a management professional with 10+ years of experience working in the science and technology industries.

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