About the Company

Fatigue Science is a pioneer in the areas of occupational fatigue risk management, and athletic sleep and performance.

By combining validated sleep science – the SAFTE biomathematical fatigue model – and our Readiband wearable technology, Fatigue Science now makes it possible to measure and predict human fatigue 24/7. That ability makes it possible for industry and pro sports to create safer and healthier work environments, as well as enhanced productivity and performance.

Fatigue Science works with customers in the mining, construction and transportation industries, such as Caterpillar, Rio Tinto and BBMV. We also work with over 20 elite sports teams – including the Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Mavericks, and Toronto Raptors – to help their athletes be at their best at game time.

Company Culture

We’re guided by principles that let us all excel and grow

Big Ideas
We believe that big ideas, combined with effort, can have a significant impact for our customers and our company.

We respect and challenge one another, and never hesitate to ask for help.

We believe life is most rewarding when we balance work and play.

We hire bright people and empower them to be remarkable. Through encouragement, candor, and grit, we all have the opportunity to create the remarkable.

Our Team

Andrew Morden
President and CEO

Robert Higdon
Senior Vice President, Product and Marketing

Michael O’Neal
Chief Technology Officer

Company Overview