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Wind and solar powered autonomous boats providing real time information to understand and protect our oceans.

Our oceans are full of information. Information that can protect at-risk whale species, allow ships to voyage more fuel-efficient routes, crack down on illegal fishing, and enable us to better understand the impacts of climate change. Our boats are equipped with sensors, cameras and communication devices so that we can capture information from anywhere on the ocean and have instant access to it. Harvesting energy from the sun and the wind, our boats travel nonstop for months, without producing any greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution or risk of oil spills. They are an essential component to creating a digital ocean, an Internet of Things for the sea, where we finally begin to understand some of the most mysterious regions of our planet.

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Open Ocean Robotics produces energy-harvesting unmanned autonomous boats equipped with sensors and cameras to make oceanic observations and instantly relay them. We offer a safer, more efficient and affordable way of collecting data compared to conventional crewed vessels. Using solar or wind power, our boats produce no greenhouse gases, noise pollution or risk of oil spills, and can travel non-stop for a year, always on and always collecting information, transforming how we research and protect our oceans.

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Our Team

Julie Angus - CEO and Co-founder
A scientist, adventurer, boat designer, and entrepreneur, Julie Angus cofounded Open Ocean Robotics to help protect our oceans and offer solutions to some of our greatest maritime challenges.

Colin Angus - CTO and Co-Founder
The only way to fully understand boats is to spend time in boats.  Colin has explored the world voyaging over 30,000 km in human powered craft including rowboats, whitewater kayaks and canoes.  He has voyaged a further 25,000 km in a variety of small sailboats.

Brent Seymour - Director of Coastal and Ocean Mapping
Brent has over 25 years of surveying experience, most of that for Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS).  He has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria and a Diploma of Technology in Geomatics from British Columbia Institute of Technology. 

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