About the Company

In business, the time spent managing email has outpaced the time spent communicating with it. Personal email systems like Outlook or Gmail were never designed for business transactions that include negotiations, content management, and collaboration with multiple parties.

Fortunately, there is SEDNA.

We deliver a cloud-based, transaction-focused shared inbox that helps teams save time and work better together.

By bringing SEDNA to email, we meet people where they work, transforming an aging technology with a modern system that is faster to search, sort, collaborate, compile and monitor business transactions from start to finish.

People like using SEDNA because it helps them get the job done faster, work better as a team, and enhance the security of their communication. Organizations choose SEDNA to be more efficient and scale their business without adding labor costs.

Our Team

Bill Dobie
Founder & CEO

Emily Tsen

Lakshmi Baskaran
VP Engineering

Company Overview