We’re a highly skilled team of software engineers who are building an awesome product and moving fast. We value people who take initiatives, and empower everyone at Klue to make a real change in the product or processes.

We are looking for Backend Engineers to work with our team to deliver high quality products in the most efficient way.


Q: Klue who?
A: We’re Klue and from a technical perspective, Klue’s mission is to descale huge amounts of data to the human level, so people can process it and make use of it. Klue is that trusted intermediary, right now it’s proven for sales enablement, but tomorrow it’s all teams enablement.

Q: What level of experience are we looking for?
A: Intermediate – Senior
Right now we are looking for intermediate and senior level experienced Back-End Engineers. We will be building out our team to take on more emerging talent in late Fall 2021. This is to make sure we have the best environment set up to ensure more junior level engineers are set up for success.

Q: What is our development team working on?
A: As part of our backend team, we are concerned with data storage and retrieval and the infrastructure to enable that. Here’s what our development team is working on and the opportunity for motivated Software Engineers to dig into, alongside us:
Big Data – lots of data
Ingesting thousands of news articles, web pages, marketing and sales data points per day. The challenge is indexing them for a long period of time and making them searchable and ready for different analysis.
Expanding our Rails REST API and offering public APIs to enable integrations.
Architect infrastructure for a scalable, resilient and robust service. We are migrating from a monolith architecture to K8S-hosted microservices.

Q: What is our current tech stack?
A: Python (Flask), Ruby (Rails), PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, GCP, AWS, Tensorflow, Keras, Docker, Kubernetes.
We code review all changes, continuously integrate, pay down technical debt, and aim for high automated test coverage. We love microservices and, while we mostly use Python, Ruby, Google Cloud Platform, Linux, JavaScript, and React, new services can be built using whatever tools make sense to get the job done and support our game-changing innovation.

A: YES! Our hub is in Vancouver, BC, but we currently have team members across Canada and other countries.

Q: What skills do you bring?

  • Expertise in at least one of the general programming languages like Python, Ruby, Go, Rust, Javascript, or similar.
  • Expertise in relational databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Experience in designing REST APIs
  • Experience using NoSQL databases such as Elasticsearch or MongoDB is a plus
  • Experience using Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP is a plus

Q: What motivates our current team right now?

  • The type of work. Challenging, stimulating and meaningful work. New and relevant tech stack. We know engineers/developers especially want to work on hard technical and innovative problems.
  • The inspiration from skilled and proven leaders.
  • Entrepreneurial fingerprints on what will be a future billion dollar company anchored in Canada.
  • Culture, team, and the work environment.
  • High degree of autonomy and accountability.
  • High degrees of transparency and high quality communication.

Q: What are the people at Klue like?

  • Builders
  • Intellectually Curious
  • Ambitious
  • Objective Oriented

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Q: What about total compensation & benefits?

  • We gather compensation benchmarking data across BC and Canada’s Tech Industry, and use that data to build a range for our current team and future talent based on skill, capabilities and potential.
  • These positions can range from $85,000-$150,000 CDN based on level of experience, skill, and capacities. So there is always continued conversation around compensation.
  • Benefits. We currently have extended health benefits.
  • Vacation. Unlimited Vacation. We want the team to prioritize wellness and avoid burnout. We want to also give individuals autonomy to choose how and when they take vacation. We understand and respect that everyone’s needs for time off are different, just like our team. Vacation usually falls into 3 categories: recharging, life-event, keeping a work-life balance. just ensure the required work gets done and clear it with your team in advance. In practice we usually see our teams take anywhere from 2-4 weeks a year, and Klue always takes a reasonable approach so we can all continue to benefit from flexibility.
  • Work-life integration: Hybrid work model, flexible working schedules, and a global team.
  • Health Benefits.

This is us:

If you’re hooked and feeling more curious about us, or the role – reach out. Let’s see if there is a fit, now or in the future. We’re an award winning company that’s got something pretty special going on here. Don’t miss your chance to have a seat on the rocketship before it takes off. 🚀

As #kluecrew grows, we’ve made a commitment to support and contribute to a diverse environment; on our teams and in our community. While we’ll admit we haven’t figured it all out and realize this is a long journey for us all. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer and have dedicated that commitment to our current and future #kluecrew. During the interview process, please let us know if there is anything we need to make more accessible or accommodate to support you to be successful.

We are all currently working remotely. Interviews will be conducted via video calls.

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