What We Do

We help you put your best foot forward.

The perfect job is so much more than the work. It’s the people, the environment, the sense of community. We help your company show exactly who you are.

There are 9.8 new jobs put up every second on LinkedIn and over 16 million postings total on the site. That’s just on one job posting site. People choose CareerHero because we know how to help you stand out. By giving you the platform to truly show your company, its culture, and its everyday life, applicants get to know you, trust you, and – most importantly – want to work for you.

We want to help your company stand out. We know how awesome you are – let us help you show how awesome you are.


Rather than work for you, we work with you and help capture what makes your company special. With our interactive platform, you can include videos and photos to show people what working with you is actually like. We answer the “why” without having to blatantly pitch your company.

With over 13 years working in recruitment, we know what candidates look for in their search – and it’s so much more than you may think. We use our experience to effectively capture and display your brand.


CareerHero delivers a strong ROI. Not only do you find talented candidates, you also gain a catalogue of optimized, visually appealing content to use in your marketing strategy.

Why Choose CareerHero?

Speak with Informed Applicants

We believe in providing more information, more insight, and more feeling. By linking all of your company’s information into one package, applicants can find out everything they need to know about your company. Those who apply, will know you through and through.

Create a Beautiful Profile

With CareerHero, you’ll have the ability to show your company in a proper, visual format. No more of these text-based job postings. Now you can bring your listings to life.

Tell Your Story

We help market and brand your company. We give candidates a behind-the-scenes look at your organization. We help your company stand up and stand out. And at no additional costs, we create blogs and videos of company staff. We also promote these valuable pieces of content on both our site and social, as well as yours.

Save Money

This platform is a fixed price for unlimited posting. You can post as many jobs as you’d like and we will make each one branded and unique.


With millions of job postings on a single job board, it can be difficult to stand out and attract a highly qualified candidate.

Applicants crave information, they want to see “why” they should send in their resume before anything else. This is where recruitment marketing comes in.

We understand the market and have an effective strategy to match the perfect candidates with their ideal companies – aka you!

Why do we do this?

When the match is perfect, the employee thrives, the work is amazing, and everybody wins. We're rewarded when employers and candidates find their best fit.

How we help

We tell your story. We show who you are. We give you a platform to put your awesomeness out there.