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Whatever your area of expertise, you’ll find your perfect fit with CareerHero.

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Effectively communicate your organization’s values, personality and culture.

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When employees find their perfect job, and employers find the perfect candidate, everything works better. The employees are happier, the atmosphere is lighter, and the company results are stronger.

Show people who you are

Branding yourself and having a strong presence is about believing in and revealing your abilities.

Create a winning profile

Tell your company story with rich media assets and engaging storytelling, or build your career portfolio in a way that shows just how awesome you really are.

Share you story

To better help you find applicants, you can share your custom photos and videos - created with the help of CareerHero – to share your stories across all of your social channels.

As a branding platform, we strive to connect companies and candidates. We work with talented people and amazing companies to showcase their unique, personalized brand with a customized profile. Through our services, applicants can get an exact feel for a company to make sure they’re the right fit. And companies can create a profile illustrating their brand DNA to help them find the perfect employees.
We build a Social Media Recruitment Platform for companies to present themselves in a way that lets applicants get to know their culture, meet their employees, see behind the scenes and – ultimately – discover how great it would be to work for these businesses
CareerHero is a niche site that is hyper-focused on helping job applicants learn about companies beyond their websites or Glassdoor ratings. We offer career coaches, resume writers, job mentors, industry experts and immigration services to help make job applications a seamless – and fun – experience for all.

By standing in a power pose for two minutes, the testosterone in you – whether you’re male or female – increases by 20%. Cortisol drops 15%. You’re 33% more likely to take action and be more assertive, and do something you normally wouldn’t do.

People who feel more powerful make themselves bigger, are more assertive, are more confident, have more testosterone, and have less stress… [When it comes to interviews] it’s not about the content of the speech, it’s about the presence that they’re bringing to the speech.

A CareerHero is someone who stands up, takes control of their career, and pursues their own personal and professional goals. Join our team and put on your hero cape so we can help you: